1929    Born in Alcoy.

1947    Entered in Fine Arts, San Carlos Valencia.

1951    Third University Exhibition Medal (SEU) for the work "Portrait".
            Selected for the first Hispano-American Biennial Exhibition – Madrid.

1952    Title of Professor of Drawing and Bachelor of Painting.
            He practiced in Valencia and Madrid until his retirement in 1994.
            Expo. Alcoy Industrial Circle

1953    First prize: First prize: Covers of the Association of San Jorge de Alcoy.
            Expo. Grife & Skoda Gallery - Barcelona.
            Expo. In the Decorating Room - Alicante.

1954    Mural of San Pancracio in the Church of María Auxiliadora de los Padres Salesianos in Alcoy, 58 m2.

1955    First Provincial Medal of the Diputación de Alicante for the work “La Hora Gris”.
            Appointment as a Member of the Alcoyano Institute of Culture Andrés Sempere.

1956    Expo. Sala Muñoz – Valencia
            Expo. Hippocampus Hall – Palma de Mallorca.

1957    Murals of the parish of Santa María de Alcoy, 128 m2 painted in total:
                    Birth of the Virgin.
                    The Presentation
                    The Annunciation.
                    The Visitation.
                    Birth of Christ.
                    Assumption of Mary.
                    Two thuriferous angels.
            He paints a large crucified Christ for the EPSA of Alcoy, currently in the assembly hall.
            Cover in the Alcoy magazine of the San Jorge Association.
            Expo. “25 Portraits” Industrial Circle – Alcoy.

1958    Scenography and costumes of the Auto Sacramental "The matrimonial lawsuit between the body and the soul" by Calderón de la Barca. Calderón Theater – Alcoy
            Expo. Raymond Duncan Gallery – Paris

1959    Expo. The Pinacoteca – Barcelona.

1958-1960    He illustrates numerous short stories at Editorial Marfil de Alcoy.

1960    Mural of the Holy Supper and the Angels in the Church of El Salvador de Concentaina, 68 m2. He makes the fourteen stations of a Via Crucis that is preserved in the chapel of the El Teix de Alcoy residence. Oil on panel.
            Expo. South Gallery – Santander. Acquisition by the Santander Museum of Fine Arts of the work “El Ángel Presentido”

1963    First Medal of the IX Autumn Salon of the Mercantile Association of Valencia to the work "La Mina".
            Expo. Abstract art. Estil Gallery – Valencia.

1964    Expo. Art Room of the Savings Bank of Southeast Spain – Alicante.

1965    Expo. Estil Gallery – Valencia.

1966    Expo. Estil Gallery – Valencia.

1967    Expo. Industrial Circle – Alcoy.
            Expo. Jacobo Gallery – Valladolid

1968    He paints "Cristo de la Luz" and "Pentecost" for the Church of Cristo de la Luz in Valencia.
            Expo. Guillermo Gallery – Gandía

1969    Mural in the Church of the Virgin of Fatima in Valencia, 70 m2.
            Expo. Madridista Supporters Club – Elche.
            Expo. San Vicente Gallery – Valencia.
            Expo. in Almazora

1970    Title of Professor of Drawing in Madrid.
            Expo. Information and Tourism Rooms – Santander.

1971    Expo. San Vicente Gallery – Valencia.

1972    Expo. Heller Gallery – Madrid.

1974    Announcing poster for the Moors and Christians festivities in Alcoy.
            Expo. Capitol Art Gallery – Alcoy.

1975    Makes the sets and costumes for the Fernando García de la Vega series "Antología de la Zarzuela" on Spanish Television.

1976    Expo. Ateneo Madrid.
            Expo. Estil Gallery – Valencia.

1977    Expo. Mayte Muñoz Gallery – Barcelona.

1978    Expo. Capitol Gallery – Alcoy.

1980    Expo. Art Gallery 16 – Madrid.

1982    Expo. Zeta Art Gallery – Valencia.

1985    Appointment as Honorary Member of the Spanish Center of Bielefeld – Germany.

1987    Anthological Exhibition "40 years of Painting" in the CAM of Alcoy.

1988    Mural of "San Juan Bosco" in the Church of Maria Auxiliadora de los Padres Salesianos in Alcoy, 200 m2.

1989    Appointment as Mayor of Honor of the Association of San Jorge - Alcoy.

1992    Cover of the Alcoy magazine of the San Jorge Association.
            The musician Eduardo Terol Nadal dedicates a pasodoble to him “Ramón Castañer (the Entrepreneur)”.

1993    Mural of the Feast of Saint George in the Church of the Salesian Fathers of Alcoy, 200 m2.

1994-1996    He makes "Mare de Déu dels Desamparats", "Mater Desertorum" and "Soc d'Ibi", three versions about Our Lady of the Desamparados, patron saint of Ibi.

1950-1998    He makes numerous illustrations in the Alcoy magazine published by the Association of San Jorge.

1994-2000    Various illustrations in the Ibi Moors and Christians Festival magazine.

1997    He paints the series of "El Petrolio", commemorating the 125th anniversary of the revolutionary events of 1873 in Alcoy. "L'arratrá de Pelletes" and "La Barricada”.

1999    Exhibition on Ibi themes in the Hermitage of San Vicente.
            Gold Badge of the Círculo Industrial de Alcoy.

2001    Paints the picture of Pastor "Gaspar", donated by Castañer to the town of Agres.
            Appointment as Adoptive Son of Agres – Alicante.
            Expo. at the Cultural Center of Alcoy of "L'arratrá de Pelletes" and "La Barricada” with 28 sketches

2002    Appointment as Honorary Abencerraje – Alcoy.

2003    Exhibition in Ibi "La Fiesta and Ramón Castañer" in the Sala de la Llotja.

2005    Anthological Exhibition sponsored by the Exma. Provincial Council of Alicante in the MUBAG. (Itinerant exhibition Alicante – Ibi – Alcoy)
            Donation to the Bullfighting Club of Alcoy of a "Bullfighting" made up of 12 aquatints. Pepa Botella de Castañer participated in the presentation ceremony with a recital of bullfighting poetry.

2006    Presentation at the CAM of the 28 works that make up the "Llibret de les Filaes" made up of 28 gouaches that represent the various costumes of "les filaes". This exhibition was sponsored by Gilberto Olcina (Carbonell Real Estate).

2008    On July 30, he was awarded the Gold Medal of the city of Alcoy in recognition of his artistic career with the unanimous decision of all political groups.

2011    On December 30, 2011, the painter died in Madrid.

            He has been part of the jury of the XXXIX Salón de Otoño de Pintura del Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia. Ramón Castañer obtained the IX Medal of this Autumn Salon in 1963. 

            Several poets have dedicated poems to Ramón Castañer:
                - Matilde Lloria
                - Mariano de Cordoba
                - Adrian Espí
                - Adrian Miró
                -Joan Valls
                - Guillermo Garcimartin
                - Miguel Miñambres
                - Amparo Guerrero

            Ramón Castañer has designed the Commemorative Medals for the Centenaries of the Agustinas Descalzas, the Red Cross and the Unión Alcoyana de Alcoy.