Selective Exhibition

    An art exhibition of Ramón Castañer's work was shown at the Museum of Fine Arts Gravina (MUBAG). The  Excma. Diputación of Alicante sponsored this anthology where 36 paintings were shown which were representative  of the painter's work and which covered his entire career from 1949 to the present time.

    This exhibition was itinerant. From April 28 to June 5, 2005 it was in the MUBAG - 15 Alicante Gravina. The exhibition was in Ibi (June 10 to June 30 at the Ermita de San Vicente) and finished in Alcoy (Sept. 8 to Sept. 30 in the CAM), birthplace of the artist.

    The exhibition has been a complete success and the painter is very pleased with the wide acceptance and reception by the large number of people who went to see his works.


Autorretrato1El mut2Jazmina3Xauen4CDupont5CLaSource6Arcángeles7Cántaro8Donzella Boja9AbstractoR10AbstractoN11Cuenca12Suspirando13Reseca carne14Pepa15Prohibido16La mina17Nostalgia18Los emigrantes19mañanas dulces20jardín de Venus21Dansada Ravalet22L´arrastrà23La barricada24Anarquista25Boceto26SPancracio27DBosco28SJordi29SCena30Caballistas31Bequetero32SJorge33Barxell34La melancolía35tristes despulles36


   The 36 photographs above are numbered in the order in which they appeared in the exhibition. The images are scalable and contain an explanatory text for each work. These texts corresponds to the notes given for each picture at the exhibition written by Mr. Antonio Castelló Candela.

    On the occasion of this exhibition a magnificent catalog was produced where all reproductions of these works appear, a complete biography of the artist, numerous art reviews referring to Castañer as well as many other images of his most representative works.

    A selection of these works is as follows:


Ofelia Hammlet

boutique fantastique

Omaira Sánchez

Ángel 8

Angel para cualquier día del año

La Toilette

Horas felices

Recuerdo de verano

Llaves sobre cal

Sol de mediodía

La alberca

El maletilla